2002 - 2010

Spritza was my page 3 girl – she had perfect nail polish and never smudged her makeup! She was blond, very pretty and had she been human she would have been the nicest person in the world. Her party piece was her smile – she never failed to make people laugh and she even gave the vet a smile on her last day.  

As a young dog she hated water and used to grab a piggy back ride if I crossed the canal on a shoot day. She eventually got the idea that water was ok and there would be a reward if she managed to cross it all by herself!

She didn’t deserve to get cancer at a tender age of 6.  I made sure she was always happy and pain free - she had a further 2 years from the first diagnosis and I am delighted to say she came with us to Irelands and had a happy time here all be it short. She left us a legacy of 9 puppies and most of them inherited her ability to laugh at life. 

The week before she died she was out with me picking up and someone shot a crow – another dog said “no way” she picked it, handed it to me and then laughed when it pecked me! I miss her but she lives on xx