A Brief History

When I was a toddler my parents bred Boxers.  

The last one died before I was able to remember much but they must have made an impression on me as apparently I nagged my parents constantly to get another dog.


Eventually when I was seven they relented and we bought Jessa, a German Shepherd Puppy. She started my love for dogs and I had endless fun playing with her and her offspring during the next 15 years or so. Somba and Patou rode out with me throughout my teenage years, both were trained to ride at heel of my pony and in those days I was able to take them with me almost every where I rode. We spent many happy hours on the common local to home.


My first dog was also a German Shepherd known as Tasha she accompanied me for 10 years everywhere I went and we were often seen out riding together. When she died I was devastated and decided to move on to a different breed as she was irreplaceable!


Holly was my first Labrador, a black bitch who sadly died of epilepsy when she was only 5 years old. That was when I realized how important the breeding was and I have subsequently strived to breed my own line with the knowledge that as much research and consideration of any potential health issues are minimized.


Barley was my next dog, a very bright individual who taught me a huge amount about working a gundog. At about the same time I bought Kelly who turned out to be my foundation bitch for the line I am still breeding now, 22 years later.



Kelly had a daughter known as Mustard who in turn had a daughter - Bunty. She was sold as a puppy but we had a litter from her and Sheba was her daughter. Sheba went to my very good friend Ruth Calvert and when she had a litter we bought Saffron back. She is now 13 years old, still picking up and enjoying her life here at Irelands.


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