Smale Barossa


2004 - 2014

The Shock of losing Booza two months to the day after Saffron is impossible to describe. It has been a dreadful time realising and accepting that my lovely strong powerful dog will never sit beside me again on a shoot day.

Booza had a lot of character, he was quite sure that he knew far better then me what was required of him in both working tests and in the shooting field. He never understood the need for a stop whistle although if he didn't succeed in his quest to find his bird he would ask for help and then listen to my advice. Together we had a lot of fun and he will go down in my memory as a really hard working successful game finder who never gave up !

At home Booza was a gentle dog, he adored children and was always willing to accept a cuddle form the toddler visitors that often frequented our home. He also enjoyed teaching children the art of working a dog and endlessly retrieved the dummies that they hid around the garden.

He sired several lovely litters of puppies and we have his daughter Beetle and grand daughter Kayla to remember him by. Again, thanks to Greg, we have an amazing collection of photos - Booza loved posing for the camera and even at full speed with a pheasant in his mouth he would eye up the camera.

RIP Booza xx